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Snowboard Equipment Service

We provide a complete professional snowboard service: allover base and edges grinding, base waxing. Our experts are in most cases able to fix the very serious damage such as torn edges, unstuck snowboards, deep grooves in the base.

After the winter season, we recommend sharpen edges and wax the snowboard base. Do not leave the service of the board at the last minute!

The complete processing of the service takes usually 7 days.

We receive the snowboard equipment at our shop in Brno. How to get here?

Snowboard Service Pricelist

Base Waxing - 150 CZK / 6 €

Broad-spectrum wax is applied at a controlled temperature using a special Toko iron to the entire base surface. Excess wax is removed and the entire base is sanded and polished by a special rotary brush.

It's necessary to wax the snowboard base in the course of the season repeatedly. The base waxing is nothing challenging. All necessary equipment can be found in our online store: irons, waxes, brushes, scrapers, wax removers.

Standard Service + Base Waxing - 650 CZK / 26 €

Standard Service includes removing of the dirt and old wax, applying new wax, allover base grinding, sanding the edges of the side. The fine lines dispappear from the base and it is then perfectly smooth. We recommend to combine the standard service with base waxing.

Advanced Service + Base Waxing - 750 CZK / 30 € and more

Advanced service includes the standard service, base waxing and repairing scratches and deep grooves in the base. The final price of the service depends on time and material consumption of the repair.

Repairs of Snowboard Damages

Our servicemen are able to repair various types of damage: unstuck and bruised snowboards, bent and torn edges, torn base pieces.

The price varies depending on the type and extent of repairs. The cost is usually from 200 CZK / 8 € to 600 CZK / 24 €. The approximate cost will tell you our professional servicemen.

Binding Service

We stock a large quantity of spare parts, buckles, tongues, straps and screws. Mostly we are able to repair all binding types and brands. For minor binding repairs can serve you a pocket tool.

Did not find the spare part you are looking for?

We stock a variety of spare parts for most of the snowboard equipment. In case you do not find in our offer what you are looking for, contact us.

How to proceed?

  • specify exactly your problem
  • attach a photo of the product
  • give details: brand, model, year, color and size (if it is old equipment or do not know the details, specify the replacement part as accurately as possible)
  • please provide contact information (phone, address)

Freeski Service

We provide the freeski service, allover base grinding and sanding of the edges, and base waxing.

Base Waxing - 150 CZK / 6 €

Standard Service + Base Waxing - 650 CZK / 26 €

Advanced Service + Base Waxing - 750 CZK / 30 € and more

Freeski Binding Assemby - for FREE

Freeski Binding Adjustmlent - 250 CZK / 10 €

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