Avalanche backpack Ortovox Ascent 40 Avabag

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Color: black anthracite
Collection: winter 2020/2021
Warranty: 2 years
Brand: Ortovox

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Avalanche backpack Ortovox Ascent 40 Avabag

The Ortovox brand is launching a new ski mountaineering version of the Avabag backpack, the Ascent model. With a volume of 40 liters, it is designed for hikes and crossings. As is customary with Ortovox, the backpack concept is well-tuned.

The backpack allows you to fasten your skis in two ways. Diagonal (D-skifix) attachment of skis with a width under the binding of up to 155 mm and attachment of crossed skis (X-skifix). The backpack has a main compartment, a separate safety compartment with an orange zipper and a pocket for small items. Its 3D back panel with foam recesses facilitates better air circulation and reduced sweating. The long circumferential zipper allows easy access to the main chamber. The shoulder straps, waist and chest belt are ergonomic for the most comfortable wearing.

You have the option of pulling in the needle of the activation unit and repeatedly trying to pull the handle correctly. Of course, the backpack also includes an activation handle, which prepares the needle in the correct position. When activated "blindly", you hear the knock of a fired needle and you are sure that everything was done correctly.

  1. Retract the needle with the activation handle
  2. Put on your backpack
  3. Adjust the correct position of the handle to the height of the figure
  4. Adjust the backpack and tighten firmly (waist belt, shoulder straps, tighten the back)
  5. Pull the handle
  6. Hear a clap - you did everything right. Don't forget to re-insert the needle!
  7. If you haven't heard a slap, something is wrong. Do everything again.


  • Waist belt
  • Safety strap between the legs
  • Chest strap with whistle
  • Separate compartment for avalanche equipment
  • Equipment loops
  • Loops for ice ax and trekking poles
  • D-Skifix - diagonal attachment of skis
  • Possibility of attaching a rope
  • Key holder
  • Removable helmet net
  • Zip around the perimeter
  • Height-adjustable handle for deploying the airbag
  • Waterproof material including zippers
  • Compatible with water tank
  • Pictures of emergency signals
  • SOS information


  • Volume: 40 l
  • Material: Nylon 420D Oxford HD, Nylon 100D Robic Ripstop

Avabag Unit

  • Activation unit (without cartridge)
  • Airbag
  • Activation rod
  • Instructions

AVABAG is an extremely light and compact airbag system weighing only 690 g. These parameters have been achieved using innovative processing technology without sewing or additional waterproofing.

Thanks to the small size, there is a lot of space left in the backpack for other things. The activation unit is located inside the venturi tube and thus forms a completely closed, robust system that works without electricity. It is thus protected against dirt, ice and all forms of corrosion, regardless of the environment.

The AVABAG system is removable and is compatible with all Ortovox Avabag backpacks. Thanks to the fact that it is possible to release the airbag even without the pressure bottle installed, you can try to release it several times. In such a case, there is an increased chance that you will be able to react accordingly in a real situation. The system is reactivated with the PRE-TENSION TOOL tool.

After launching the bomb, it needs to be replaced. Ortovox recommends checking Avabag after five years and also if it has been hit by an avalanche.

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