Boots Gravity Manual Atop Heel Lock  black/gum

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The Manual Atop boots are newly equipped with the Heel Lock system, which improves the overall fixation of the foot and thus promotes a more… detailed description

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Gravity Manual Atop Heel Lock Men's Snowboard Boots

The Manual Atop boots are newly equipped with the Heel Lock system, which improves the overall fixation of the foot and thus promotes a more responsive control of the snowboard. Another new feature is the combined outsole of durable and grippy rubber, a shock absorbing EVA layer and an air cushion under the heel to provide increased comfort. The inner shoe features a self-tightening and Ankle Support padding to ensure heel fixation. The Manual boots are tightened using the simple Atop system, which is based on winding a steel cable.


  • Air Capsule Outsole - the new combined outsole of abrasion-resistant rubber, lightweight and shock-absorbing EVA material and an air cushion under the heel provides a high level of comfort and durability.
  • Heel Lock - a system that pulls the foot towards the heel. In combination with the Atop tightening, this provides optimal fixation of the foot in the boot and thus a more responsive control of the snowboard when riding.
  • Ankle Support - thanks to the fixation padding around the ankle, the foot is perfectly seated in the boot and the heel is not lifted during the ride.
  • Anatomic Footbed - anatomically shaped insoles to support the transverse and longitudinal arches and better shock absorption.
  • 3D Molded Tongue - the anatomically shaped 3D tongue precisely follows the foot for all-day comfort.
  • Flexible Cuff - soft and flexible cuff guarantees flexibility and comfort.
  • Long Lasting Shell - the upper of the boots is made of synthetic materials that are resistant to abrasion and wear, guaranteeing a long service life of the boots.
  • New Stretch Link Design - a flexible panel between the upper and lower part of the boot in the ankle area allows the foot to bend naturally.
  • GRVT Tech Liner - inner liner with separate quick tightening and warming lining. Includes reinforced side panels for maximum protection during hard riding sessions.
  • Atop Closure System - tightening the boot by winding the cable is quick and can be done even by children
  • Aluminium Heating Foil - the boot is equipped with a thermo-insulating aluminium foil under the inner liner to ensure thermal comfort.
Boots Gravity Manual Atop Heel Lock black/gum 2022/2023

Size Chart

UK 5 5,5 6 6,5 7 7,5 8 8,5 9 9,5 10 10,5 11 11,5 12 13
EUR 38 38,5 39,5 40 41 41,5 42 42,5 43 44 45 45,5 46 46,5 47 48
US 6 6,5 7 7,5 8 8,5 9 9,5 10 10,5 11 11,5 12 12,5 13 14
CM 24 24,5 25 25,5 26 26,5 27 27,5 28 28,5 29 29,5 30 30,5 31 31,5

How to choose snowboard boots

Choosing new snowboard boots? It doesn't have to be a big unknown. There are several parameters that are crucial to choosing the right boots. The main ones are size and overall flex.

Check out our video tutorial

In addition to the article, check out the video tutorial in which our advisor Dominik tells you what you should consider when choosing snowboard boots »

Boot size

The size chart, which you can find in the detailed description of all snowboard boots, will help you choose the right size. If you don't know the size of your foot according to the chart (UK, US, EUR), you can easily measure it at home. Take a ruler or a meter and measure your entire foot from the heel to the end of the longest finger. The MONDO sizing in the table is given in centimeters. The boot should then be half a centimeter larger than your foot.

Keep in mind that it is important that you try the snowboard boots in socks in which you will later ride. Tighten the inner shoe as much as possible and fasten the boot as firmly as if you were going straight down the slope. The shoe should hug the leg perfectly after the tightening. Even before you go on your first snowboarding trip, it's good to put the boots on at home and walk in them for a while. Once you spend about half an hour in them, you should immediately see if the boots fit well and don't squeeze your feet. Your foot must not move in the boot and neither should your heel lift. It is also good to know that it is necessary to spend more time choosing women's boots compared to men's boots. Women's feet have different shapes, so they need enough time and space to choose the appropriate snowboard boots. And the last, but a very important detail: watch out for the difference between the right and the left foot. Always therefore try both boots.

Even if you choose the right size, your boot may not fit perfectly. It may be too wide, low in the instep area, or it will squeeze your ankle - there are many reasons why not each pair in the world will fit you and it is hard to estimate them all in advance. Therefore, we try to do our best to make your purchase as trouble-free as possible. If you buy snowboard boots from our store that don't fit you, you have the opportunity to replace them, or we will provide you with the full refund. Just send the boots back with a proof of the purchase. If you happen to find yourself in this situation, you can find more information in the Returns section.

Flex (stiffness) of the boot

The stiffness of the snowboard boot is related to the specific riding style on the slope. Freestyle boots are softer, which allows for greater freedom at bends over the tongue of the boot. For freeride, that is, fast and aggressive riding, stiffer boots are better, giving you more support through the tongue and the ankle area.

Classic laces, Boa, or Fast Lace system?

Manufacturers of snowboard boots offer along with classic laces also various fast lacing systems. Thanks to them, it is possible to tighten the boot much faster and with less effort. That way you can spend more time riding. The first of them is fast lacing system (Fast Lace or ATOP). Some systems - such as the Boa system of Nidecker and Burton - even allow the tightening of the instep and shin area separately. Fast lacing systems are reliable and proven, but as it goes with the quality gear, the boots with such systems are also more costly.

Boot liners

For the ultimate in comfort on the hill, don't forget about the boot liners. They have cushioning properties, but are also anatomically shaped, breathable and support the foot arch. In short, it's all about the details. At the moment, you can get snowboard boot liners in all sizes, so whether you have small or big feet, you will definitely find the right ones!

Gravity Manual Atop Heel Lock black/gum

Boots Gravity Manual Atop Heel Lock


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