Discount Codes

How to apply a discount code?

If you received our discount code, you will apply it in the first step of your order. Under the list of goods in the cart click on the link "Redeem the discount code or gift voucher" and enter the discount code in the appropriate field and click the "Apply" button.

To redeem the discount code, you must reach a purchase price of at least 80 € (for 8 € voucher) or 200 € (for 20 € voucher), including all the discounts.


  • you add a 226 € snowboard into your cart
  • you have a 13% discount in your ZEZULA Clubu account
  • after logging into your customer account the price of goods will be recalculated according to your discount on your ZEZULA Club account
  • the resulting snowboard price is then 196.62 €, therefore you cannot redeem a discount voucher applicable over 200 € (you need to add goods costing at least 3.38 € to your shopping cart to reach 200 €)

We recommend that you log in before proceeding with the shopping. Thus you will see the products with the price including your discount in your ZEZULA Club account!

Policy for redeeming the discount code

  • discount code vouchers can only be used at the online stores,,,
  • they are not applicable to goods labeled as Special offer, Discount, Sale, or to snowboard sets and gift vocuhers
  • only one discount code per purchase is allowed

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