Longboard Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 Dune

Collection spring 2024

Time-tested maple construction and a futuristic rocker profile come together to create a board that lets you travel through time to sample the very… detailed description

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Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 Dune Longboard

Time-tested maple construction and a futuristic rocker profile come together to create a board that lets you travel through time to sample the very best of what tbe brand have learned and created over 20-plus years of designing boards. The Drop Cat 33 features incredible Dune graphic created by Jesse Stone.

The Drop Cat is made with 7 plies of high-quality Canadian maple, coming in at 33" long and 9.6" wide. They set the Drop Cat 33 up with 180mm Gen 6 50 degree reverse kingpin Bear trucks along with 72mm Plow King Hawgs wheels. This pairing of components provides amazing turn and carve with a buttery smooth ride and heaps of grip. Dig Deep into your carves and enjoy every minute of your skate with the Drop Cat.


  • Length: 33"
  • Width: 9.625"
  • Wheels: Hawgs Plow Kings 72mm
  • Trucks: Bear Grizzly Gen 6 180mm 50"
  • Bearings: Bear Space Balls ABEC 7
  • Material: 100% Canadian maple

About Landyachtz

The enthusiasm for skateboarding has engulfed their lives, and since then they have been trying to share their experience with the rest of the world through the production of longboards. Exploring and discovering the world is Landyachtz's main driving force. They have been here with us for over 20 years and produce some of the most original longboards. Build together, ride together.

Longboard Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 Dune 2024

How to choose a longboard?

In this section we explain the basic differences between the categories of longboards and recommend what to look out for when choosing a longboard:

Longboards can be divided into three basic categories, which we will discuss in detail in the following text.

1. Cruising

Cruisers are suitable for riding around town, they are comfortable, provide stability and are easy to learn. Some types of longboards:

Pintail - a board that is mainly shaped like a "drop" and can be considered as an easy tool to get from point A to point B. Pintail is primarily designed for the city. It has wide trucks, wide wheels and softer bushings. Pintail is the most popular type of longboards in the world.
Double kick - is a shorter version of the cruiser. Shape of this board is kick shaped, has skate trucks and narrower wheels. These boards are lightweight, they are perfect for the city again and they are also good for tricks.
Bantam - mostly plastic and smaller boards that also have skate trucks but wider wheels for riding on uneven surfaces like gravel, crevasses, etc.

2. Freeride

Overall a better set-up designed mainly for tricks and for fun. These boards have better concave, wheels and trucks.

Top mount - an indication that the trucks are mounted under the board.
Drop-Thru - here the trucks are welded into the board to make the board closer to the ground, this longboard is better for braking.
Double kick - a bigger and wider skateboard with two tails.


The shape of the platform of the board on which you stand. There are many different variations.
Camber/rocker - the shape that the board takes from front to back or vice versa. A rocker has the raised ends of the board and a camber, on the other hand, has a higher centre.
U concave / W concave - The U concave has the side edges of the board higher than the center of the board. W concave - A wave extends the entire length of the center of the board, creating a shape similar to the letter W. This concave increases controllability at higher speeds and is therefore particularly suitable for freeride and downhill riding.
Micro drop / Drop. - Drop - the standing point is significantly lower than the area where the trucks attach. Micro drop - simply a smaller drop.


There are two main types - rounded and harder wheels are for freeride, sliding and drifting, while grippy wheels are suitable for downhill, riding around the city and faster carving.


Longboard trucks have better geometry, better spinning and more stability compared to "classic" skateboard trucks. With trucks and properly adjusted bushings, the rider can achieve more speed and better stability in the ride. 

3. Downhill

The speed discipline of longboarding, i.e. downhill. The rider moves at speeds above 60 km/h and there is virtually no upper limit. Downhill boards are hard to have stability, have more flex for better turning and are usually around 95 cm long. Downhill trucks are wider for stability, bushings are cylindrical. Downhill wheels are mostly bigger, wider and softer. Downhill is the only official racing discipline on the longboard.

Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 Dune

Longboard Landyachtz Drop Cat 33 Dune


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