Snowboard Arbor Shiloh Camber

Collection winter 2022/2023

Arbor Shiloh is a versatile big mountain twin snowboard adapted for experienced freeriders who need a board capable of quickly transferring power… detailed description

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Arbor Shiloh Camber Snowboard

Arbor Shiloh is a versatile big mountain twin snowboard adapted for experienced freeriders who need a board capable of quickly transferring power from edge to edge. Even a light turn and a stable landing is no stranger to this snowboard. Shiloh excels in backcountry style, but also holds up well anywhere, including riding through trees or jumping in a park.

The new design of the Shiloh model is the work of Arbor in collaboration with Portland designer and artist Aaron James Draplin, known for his intelligently simple style.


  • Flex: 4/10
  • Bamboo Powerply: the fastest growing plant from sustainable production gives the board strength, power, durability and performance
  • Camber system: camber profile that is known and popular for good control and perfect edge grip even in the sharpest arcs
  • FSC Certified Double Barrel II Core: a double core made of a mixture of poplar and paulownia with bamboo strings running along the edges for greater torsional response and unrivaled board control
  • Sintered Base: a medium-density base that exhibits increased speed and durability
  • Biax Glassing: two biaxial layers designed for all-mountain riding inspired by the park and the street. An ideal platform for learning new elements.
  • 2x4 14-Pack Inserts: classic inserts for a wide range of stance settings
  • 360° Fully Wrapped Sidewalls: damage-resistant sidewalls
  • Recycled Steel Edges: highly durable recycled edges represent Arbor's values such as Quality and Sustainability
  • Wend Natural Wax: all Arbor snowboards are ready to ride immediately thanks to the Wend Natural Wax
  • Organic resin: origin in by-products and waste products of other industrial processes. It is produced using environmentally friendly chemical processes that reduce the carbon footprint of the material by up to 40% (compared to the equivalent of petroleum-based resin).
  • Detuned the tip and tail contact points on all of our snowboards for a catch-free ride before they leave the factory
  • Terrain: powder 2/5, big mountain 2/5, resort 4/5, park + street 5/5
Snowboard Arbor Shiloh Camber 2022/2023


153 156 159 160MW 162
Rider's Weight (kg) 52-88 54-91 57-93 60-96 59-95
Effective edge (cm) 114.5 117.2 119.9 120.8 122.6
Nose width (cm) 29 29.3 29.5 30.5 29.8
Waist width (cm) 25 25.1 25.3 26.2 25.4
Tail width (cm) 29 29.3 29.5 30.5 29.8
Sidecut (m) 7.65 7.8 7.95 8 8.1
Set back (mm) 0 0 0 0 0
Inserts 2x4 2x4 2x4 2x4 2x4
Center stance (cm) 54 54 54 54 54
Stiffness 6 6 6 6 6

How to choose a snowboard

When choosing a snowboard, it is important that it matches the level and experience of the rider and his overall physical constitution - i.e. height and weight. A beginner with no previous experience should choose a snowboard that is not too specific in its parameters for a specific snowboarding style.

Advanced riders usually prefer a specific style – freeride (freeride / pow), freestyle (park riding on obstacles, jumps) or universal/allround (riding on the slope).

VIDEO: How to Choose a Snowboard


The Length of the Snowboard

The length of the snowboard should generally be up to the chin. If the rider is still expected to grow, the size should be chosen between the chin and the nose. For freestyle you can choose a slightly shorter board, but this is not a rule. A board that is too short could make you oversteer in a turn, while a board that is too long makes it difficult to transition into a turn and is generally harder to control.

Weight of the Rider

Each snowboard has a specific weight tolerance - the range of minimum and maximum rider weight. When choosing a snowboard, it is important to consider whether the rider is within this weight tolerance or not. If the rider is too light for the chosen snowboard, they will not flex enough in the turn, will not ride the full length of the effective edge and will not take advantage of the board's characteristics. Riders weighing above the weight tolerance risk overloading the snowboard or damaging it.

If you're not sure if the snowboard you've chosen suits your weight, ask us!

The Width of the Snowboard

The width of the snowboard is also an important parameter. It is important that the rider does not reach the toes or heels of the boots to the slope when riding in an arc. Riders with a boot size of UK 10.5 (EUR 45) and larger should look for wide versions of snowboards. With such a board they will be able to cut arcs without grinding the slope with their toes. There are also snowboards in mid-wide (slightly wider boards) and superwide (wide boards for really big feet) versions.

Flex (Stiffness and Flexibility) of the Snowboard

Softer boards are more suitable for beginners, are easier to control and forgive more mistakes. They are also sought after by freestyle riders who spend most of their time jibbing (riding over obstacles). However, at faster speeds, a soft snowboard is no longer obedient in the arc and cannot bounce as nimbly as a stiffer board.

Stiffer boards require experienced, fast to aggressive riding. When ridden fast, it holds better on edge and overall on frozen surfaces. The choice of a very stiff snowboard depends on the rider's experience, riding style as well as weight - lighter riders should opt for a softer snowboard instead. Not sure how stiff your snowboard is? Ask us!

Women's Snowboards

Women's snowboards take into account the specifics of the female figure. Girls have a different centre of gravity than men, their feet are smaller and their height/weight ratio is also different. All these differences are reflected in the geometry and construction of women's snowboards.

Women's snowboards are narrower, usually softer, and inserts are moved a few millimetres closer to the centre compared to the men's version.

Types of Snowboard Bends

Another criterion when choosing a new snowboard is also the type of bend, such as camber, rocker, flat and various hybrid bends such as 3D camber, double camber etc. The best way to know the type is to put the snowboard on a flat floor and look at its profile to see where it is bent and which parts of the base are touching the ground.

A beginner will be most comfortable with a rocker that is more forgiving of mistakes. The opposite camber bend is better suited for more experienced riders, as it can bite the edge more easily, so it's good to have the snowboard under maximum control, and it has more pop and more precise control over the rocker. The flat shape with almost zero flex provides stability in all terrain, but is most used in snowpark. The hybrid flex is a combination of camber and rocker together, making it a versatile all-mountain board.

Balance of Components

The individual components of the snowboard equipment should be balanced. High-end snowboard assumes a higher model of bindings and snowboard boots. The equipment should be a balanced unit. Manufacturers often list recommended combinations of components in their catalogues and websites.

If you're buying a whole set of gear, it's a good idea to start by choosing your boots. Depending on the size, shape, thickness and possibly the brand of the snowboard boots, the appropriate bindings will be chosen.

For the maximum life of your snowboard, it's a good idea to follow a few rules and tips - these can be found in the article Snowboard maintenance: base and edge care.

Arbor Shiloh Camber

Snowboard Arbor Shiloh Camber


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