Snowboard Goggles Anon Nesa  flight attendant | perceive sunny onyx+perceive cloudy burst

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The Anon Nesa model offers a comfortable fit to the face, a wide field of vision thanks to the cylindrical curvature of the lens and unrivalled anti… detailed description

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Anon Nesa Snowboard Goggles

The Anon Nesa model offers a comfortable fit to the face, a wide field of vision thanks to the cylindrical curvature of the lens and unrivalled anti-fog measures. Plus two lenses that cover the full spectrum of light conditions - 100% azure sky and overcast with a hint of drizzle. Get ready for the season so nothing surprises you on the slopes. Thanks to Perceive technology, you'll see even more contrast and detail in the terrain than ever before. New possibilities are also brought to you by face mask compatibility, or the ability to use it comfortably with dioptric glasses.


  • Size: Unisex M/L, suitable for medium and larger faces
  • PERCEIVE lens provides clear, high-contrast vision with high definition detail in the field in almost any lighting condition.
  • Cylindrical lens follows the curve of the face for a great view.
    • Perceive Sunny Red lens: S3, with a light transmission of 14%, the lens is ideal for sunny conditions.
    • Perceive Cloudy Burst bonus lens: S1, 59% transmittance ensures great visibility in low light conditions.
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment: the lenses have an external treatment resistant to dirt, scratches and moisture retention, for clear visibility and easy cleaning.
  • OTG (Over The Glasses): the design allows comfortable use with prescription glasses.
  • Top-notch Integral Clarity anti-fog technology guarantees crystal-clear visibility.
  • Compatible with MFI® (Magnetic Face Mask Integration) - not included
Snowboard Goggles Anon Nesa flight attendant | perceive sunny onyx+perceive cloudy burst 2024

How to Choose Snowboard Goggles

Snowboard goggles are an essential piece of snowboard equipment. They protect your eyes from the sun and UV rays, brighten objects in poor visibility and protect your eyes from wind and snow.

Frame Size

Manufacturers offer snowboard goggles in three categories - for men, women and children. All goggles have adjustable strap length. The goggles can be worn either over a beanie or a helmet.

Different Lens Colours for Different Conditions

Manufacturers offer snowboard goggles with different coloured lenses. Each lens colour is designed for different visibility conditions, increasing contrast in different ways, changing colour perception and absorbing glare. The most versatile lenses are bronze and rose. For riding in fog or drizzle, bright yellow or orange lenses are most suitable. Darker mirrored lenses are best for bright sunshine and clear lenses are best for night riding.

Spare Replacement Lenses

The lenses can be easily replaced in the flexible frame. You can have replacement lenses for different visibility conditions with one pair of goggles (ideally, a lens for sunny weather, a lens for poor visibility and a lens for night riding). Many of the goggles in our range are already available to purchase with extra lenses, which is the ideal solution.

If the lens in your goggles breaks in a fall or while travelling, don't worry, we have a large number of replacement lenses in stock. If you can't find a lens to fit your model of eyewear, just let us know and we'll try to find one for you.

Anti-Fog Frame Ventilation

Air enters between the lenses of the goggles through the holes at the top of the frame and escapes through the holes at the bottom of the frame, preventing fogging of the goggles.

Spherical or Cylindrical Lenses?

The spherical (convex) lens fits the natural shape of the face as much as possible, respecting the normal field of vision. The objects seen are thus optically accurate and not distorted. The roundness of the lens guarantees a perpendicular view with minimal distortion when the eyeball moves. However, goggles with spherical lenses are more expensive than goggles with cylindrical lenses, the most common shape of goggle lenses.

Over The Glasses (OTG)

For riders who wear dioptric glasses, special snowboard goggles are made with a higher frame and with the mass on the sides of the goggle removed (to make space for the temples of the glasses). Such goggles are abbreviated OTG (Over The Glasses).

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Anon Nesa flight attendant | perceive sunny onyx+perceive cloudy burst

Snowboard Goggles Anon Nesa


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