Snowboard Jacket Horsefeathers Pola II  dalmatian

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The second generation of the Horsefeathers Pola jacket will reliably equip you for a trip to the mountains, but also to the snow park. It is equipped… detailed description

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Horsefeathers Pola II Women's Snowboard Jacket

The second generation of the Horsefeathers Pola jacket will reliably equip you for a trip to the mountains, but also to the snow park. It is equipped with UltraTech® technology for waterproofing and high-quality PET insulation. Its versatility lies in the details. The jacket has a lot of smart pockets where you can hide your ski pass or frozen hands. Of course, there is a snow belt, which will give you extra protection while riding.


  • Water resistance: 10,000 mm
  • Breathability: 10,000 g
  • Laminated membrane
  • Waterproof and breathable UltraTech® material: designed for maximum performance in a variety of conditions. The outer technical fabric is laminated with a water-repellent and breathable membrane. All in accordance with bluesign® certification criteria to optimize sustainability.
  • Outer durable water replent C6 DWR coating repels water, causing it to “bead up” on the outer surface and stops it from penetrating the outermost layer. Only the C6 treatment is used that breaks down faster in the environment, has less potential toxicity over time to humans and wildlife.
  • Coats® Super Strong Threads with Patented Technology: Coats has been making threads for over 250 years, which means decades of innovation has been reflected in its line of threads. The result is some of the strongest and most reliable threads ever made.
  • Active insulation from PET granules and thin compressible fibers. The space between these microfibers is filled with air, which insulates even when wet. The insulation dries quickly, is very durable, soft, breathable and has excellent regeneration ability after compression.
  • Insulation weight: 80 g body, 60 g sleeves
  • Durable YKK zippers
  • Adjustable sleeve cuffs, inner sleeves with thumb hole
  • Taped seams in critical areas
  • Fleece chin guard
  • Simple adjustment of the hood
  • Ergonomically shaped sleeves
  • Jacket to pants system
  • Pocket for ski pass, pockets with fleece for hands, carabiner for keys inside
  • Anti-snow belt with non-slip rubber
  • Adjustable bottom hem
  • Lining: 100% nylon taffeta
  • Main material: 100% polyester
  • Fit: Tailored long
Snowboard Jacket Horsefeathers Pola II dalmatian 2024

How to Choose a Snowboard Jacket

Choosing a snowboard jacket can be a tricky business! They differ not only in fit and colour, but also in the degree of waterproofness and vapour permeability, the degree of insulation and the variability of individual parts ( detachable hood, number of ventilation holes, etc.).


Size of Jacket

Above all, a snowboard jacket should be big enough not to limit your movement. Try to lift your arms above your head in it. The ends of the sleeves should not come up to your forearms. Ideally, try the jacket on the clothes you will be riding in.

Insulated or Non-Insulated Jacket?

Snowboard jackets also have different levels of insulation. A lightweight jacket with no insulation and only a mesh lining will wick away body vapour best. You should consider buying one if you expect to be active and in constant motion. If you're more of a hot dog enjoyer type of rider and don't sweat too much when you ride, consider a jacket with insulation. They're slower to wick moisture away from your body, but provide nice thermal comfort. And the third option, a jacket made of GORE-TEX material, is the very best. This won't let the wet or wind get to your body. At the same time, it wicks moisture away from your body perfectly.


In the mountains, conditions change literally from minute to minute. Even if it looks like a good sunbath in the morning and blue skies all day, suddenly a shower can come. So you don't have to run home and hide immediately, the jacket is waterproof. That means it can withstand both water and snow drops. The degree of water resistance is determined by the water column. This is the volume of water (in millimetres) that the jacket can withstand. From 10,000 millimetres upwards, you can be sure you're buying a model that won't let you down on the slopes and will keep you dry. In addition, taping all the seams is an essential part of the waterproofing.


Another parameter worth paying attention to is definitely the breathability of the material. Without it, you'll feel like you're wrapped in a plastic bag when you play sports. The essence of breathability is therefore the ability to expel all excess moisture away from the body surface. So you shouldn't have to come back from the slopes in the evening and find your underpants completely drenched in sweat. The permeability value is given in grams per square metre per 24 hours, i.e. how many grams of water vapour a square metre of material will let through in one day. In addition to the term "permeability", you may also see the abbreviation MVTR. And with breathability, there is a rule of thumb: "The more the better".


Even if you buy snowboard clothing with a high level of breathability, you'll sweat more when you're active or going uphill. To prevent body vapour from condensing on the inside of the fabric, snowboard jackets have sewn-in zipped vents, called venting. These are most often located on jackets in the armpits or on the back. They can be easily unzipped to help quickly move body vapour away from the body.

Snowcatcher / Snow Skirt

Snowboard jackets are also equipped with a snowcatcher/snow skirt on the inside. This is a feature that protects the body from snow and wind. It fastens with buttons and can be detached on some jackets. To prevent it from rolling up, it is covered with rubber underneath. Nowadays, snowcatchers have loops that can be attached to the pants. No more snow piling up on your back under your jacket!

Horsefeathers Pola II dalmatian

Snowboard Jacket Horsefeathers Pola II


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