Snowboard Pants Horsefeathers Nelson  midnight navy

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Endless backcountry ride only with Nelson pants. It doesn't matter what weather is out there, because the pants are ready for anything. Moisture… detailed description

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Horsefeathers Nelson men's snowboard pants

Endless backcountry ride only with Nelson pants. It doesn't matter what weather is out there, because the pants are ready for anything. Moisture protection is provided by UltraTech® material, a laminated membrane with a water column of 20,000 mm and a breathability of 20,000 gm, as well as a DWR surface treatment. If you get too hot during the activity, you will definitely appreciate the additional ventilation with anti-snow mesh. Simply a hi-end product with amazing features that are also loved by top Horsefeathers team riders Tyler Chorlton and Steve Gruber.


  • Waterproof pants with laminated membrane
  • External water-repellent surface treatment C6 DWR
  • Waterproofing: 20,000 mm
  • Breathability: 20,000 gm
  • Lining: 100% nylon taffeta, Breathable 100% polyester
  • Cut: Regular
  • Purpose: Backcountry pants


  • Easy waist circumference adjustment
  • Detachable anti-snow belt
  • Fleece lining of the pockets
  • Reinforced lid closure
  • Carabiner for keys
  • Anti-slip zippers
  • Glued all seams
  • "Snag-free" mesh vents
  • Ergonomically shaped pants
  • Reinforced heel parts
  • Lift-leg system: allows the back of the pants to be lifted and thus prevents them from being mechanically damaged
  • Anti-snow elastic sleeve with boot hook
  • The product is packaged in a biodegradable P-Life® bag
  • Bluesign® certification to optimize sustainability
Snowboard Pants Horsefeathers Nelson midnight navy 2024

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How to choose snowboard pants

Snowboard pants differ not only in cut and colour, but also in important parameters such as the level of water resistance and permeability, the level of insulation and the variability of individual parts (removable hood, number of ventilation holes, etc.).


While the waistline of the snowboard pants can usually be adjusted with Velcro straps, you cannot do anything about the length of the pants. The ideal length of the pants is when in the squat of the leg end of your pants does not exceed over the top of the snowboard boots. Of course, the pants must not pull or squeeze in the thigh or the crotch area.

Water Resistance

In the mountains, the conditions change literally from one minute to another. Even though in the morning the weather looks like it's a tanning day and there is gonna be azure sky all day long, it can suddenly change to showers. To avoid having to hide inside immediately, pants are waterproof. It means that they can withstand water and snow. The waterproofness of the pants is measured by a so-called water column. This specifies the volume of water in millimeters that trousers can withstand. From 10,000 millimeters up, you can be sure you're buying a model that will not let you down on the slopes and keep you dry. A substantial part of the waterproofness is ensured by the addition of the seal to the seams of the pants. If you have quality and expensive trousers that are, however not equipped with taps under the zippers, the dampness will easily get into your pants. And that is a fundamental mistake that could make you very limited in sports. So do not be afraid to invest a bit. You will see that you will get a return in the form of hours spent on the slope as well as the joy from a great ride.


Another parameter worth paying attention to is certainly the breathability of the material. Without it, you would feel packed like in a plastic bag. The essence of breathability is, therefore, the ability to eliminate all excess moisture away from the surface of the body. You should definitely not experience coming back from the slope in the evening with a completely sweaty underwear. The permeability value is given in grams per square meter per 24 hours, i.e. how many grams of water vapor permits a square meter of material per day. In addition to the concept of breathability, you can also see the MVTR abbreviation. Enthusiastic sportspeople should look for pants with breathability starting at 10,000 g / m2 in 24 hours.

Wind Resistance

If there's something that is really uncomfortable, it's a strong wind blowing under the jacket and pants. Even while riding, you wouldn't feel very warm either. What can you do with it? When choosing your pants, focus on wind resistance. In manufacturing, the windproof membrane is given in between the layers of material guaranteeing the water resistance and breathability. Not only will you be dry, but at the same time, it will be pleasant for you, because the wind won't steal your warmth.


A special category that is definitely worth mentioning is the GORE-TEX material. Throughout its service life, it maintains maximum water resistance, breathability, and absolute wind resistance. The pants made of this material are completely waterproof thanks to the GORE-TEX special membrane, but the water vapor molecules of the active person easily penetrate the pores of the material out. The icy wind also doesn't have a chance to get inside. Such pants will satisfy even the most demanding sportsperson.

Ventings - Ventilation Holes

Even though your snowboard clothing will have a high level of breathability, you'll sweat more when you're moving or climbing uphill. To prevent bodily vapors from cluttering on the inside part of the fabric, snowboard jackets and trousers are provided with ventilation openings with zippers, the so-called ventings. These are most commonly placed in the armpit parts of jackets, possibly on the back, on the pants usually on the sides or on the inside of the thighs. They are easy to unlock and help to quickly remove bodily vapors away from the body. And you will not feel hot anymore, but just fine.


Some pants are now fitted with tiny details to please. One such a tweak are, for example, insulated pockets. If you do not have gloves on your hands, you will be able to hide your fingers in your pockets and warm them a little.

Another great thing is the possibility to zip the pants with a jacket or a removable strap in the waistline and at the end of the leg parts. The seemingly irrelevant things can sometimes cause miracles. If you happen to make somersaults or tumble on the ski slope from time to time, you've probably experienced having snow under your jacket or pants, which can be really chilly. The sleeves or a zip between the jacket and the pants have the task of preventing this inconvenience from happening.


Appearance is another important parameter in choosing your pants. Today, you no longer have to choose from the same models in a range of black shades. Color variations or original prints are not a rarity, and so you can choose high-quality, technically-equipped trousers with a great fit.

Horsefeathers Nelson midnight navy

Snowboard Pants Horsefeathers Nelson


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