Wetsuit O'Neill Hyperfreak Cz 2Mm S/s Spring

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143.96 €
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Color: abyss/graphite
Collection: spring 2019
Warranty: 2 years
Brand: O'Neill
Category: Wetsuits

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Men's Neoprene O'Neill Hyperfreak Chest Zip Spring 2mm

The Hyperfreak series is made from the new TechnoButter 3 and TechnoButter 3X neoprene, which offers a minimum of seams, is lighter, perfectly insulated and shaped to fit naturally to any bodily figure. Hyperfreak Spring provides extreme performance while keeping you warm and comfortable in all water sports. Innovative neoprene uses the latest technology and is tuned to the last detail. Waterproof entrance, glued seams and full upper body protection.

What will come handy in the waves?

  • F.U.Z.E. Closure - Exclusive Front Upper Zip Entry system that keeps you dry and allows unlimited flexibility
  • Glued and Blindsticted Seam - Waterproof seams that are double stitched and glued. Flexloc stitch is stronger and more flexible and eliminates ripping
  • Double Seal Collar - Double, fully adjustable and waterproof cuff around the neck
  • Minimal Seam Design
  • Lumbar Seamless Design (LSD) - one large panel in the back of the neoprene that prevents water from entering
  • 360 Barrier with Drain Holes
  • Strategic Seamless Paddle Zones
  • Critically Taped-Reinforced Seam
  • The 2 mm thickness is ideal for temperatures of 18-20 °C


  • 70% TB3, 30% TB3X
  • TechnoButter 3 - Premium TechnoButter Neoprene is really flexible. Technical fibers and revolutionary foam core mean perfect lightness and durability with fast drying properties.

Outer layer - To produce a flexible and hydrophobic material, the highest quality waterproof technical fibers were chosen. Strong to withstand strictest testing standards.

Foam Rubber Core - a special material formula with microscopic air cells is injected into the rubber core. These air cells are heated to increase insulation. The foam retains its structure even after repeated bumps and deformations.

Inner layer - X-factor creates the lightest and most flexible neoprene. The exclusive TB3 form is pre-stretched but still retains its structure for maximum efficiency. TB3X also increases heat due to its lower profile. In addition, it sucks less water, dries faster. The material is so comfortable for your skin that you feel as if you wore no neoprene.
Size Chart
A HEIGHT OF RIDER (cm) 170-175 173-178 169-174 175-180 185-191 171-177 178-183 188-193 174-179 191-196 180-185 183-188 183-191 185-193
B WIDTH NEOPRENE (cm) 93-95 95-99 99-104 99-104 99-104 104-110 104-110 104-110 110-117 110-117 110-117 117-123 123-130 130-136
C BELT WIDTH (cm) 72-75 75-79 79-84 79-84 79-84 84-89 84-89 84-89 89-94 89-94 89-94 94-99 99-112 112-122
How to choose

How to choose a wetsuit?

Do you need help with choosing your wetsuit? We could try to answer your questions in this article! Read carefully!

A wetsuit's function is to keep you warm in the water

A wetsuit keeps you warm by trapping a thin layer of water between your skin and the neoprene. This thin layer of water is heated up by your body and therefore keeps you warm. It’s important to get a wetsuit that has a close and comfortable fit, otherwise cold water will constantly flush the warm water out. Wetsuits are made out of a synthetic rubber called neoprene. When the sun is shining you can use the lycra! It works good like sun protections as well.

Thickness wetsuit

Generally fullsuits have a thickness of 3/2 mm, 4/3 mm, or 5/4 mm, & 6/5 mm. The higher number refers to the thickness of the neoprene around the torso. The lower number refers to the thickness in the legs and arms. For example, a 3/2mm full length wetsuit has a 3 mm neoprene thickness around the torso and the 2 mm thickness on the arms and legs is for flexibility.



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