How to buy

Here you can find advice on how to register in our online store, how to choose goods, how to proceed with the purchase and how to send the order correctly.

Registration and signing in

In our online store you have the opportunity to register and create a user account. Registration is completely voluntary, but provides a number of benefits:

  • if you are a ZEZULA Club member, you will see all the prices after logging in, including the loyalty discount to which you are currently entitled
  • when sending the order, your data will always be filled in automatically in the order form
  • you can track the history of your orders
  • if you request it, we will regularly inform you about news in our online store

How to register?

Click on the registration button on the top right of the page. A form will open for you to fill in the required data and send the form. You will receive a confirmation of successful registration and your login details to your e-mail. At this point, a user account has been created for you.

Registration is not obligatory, you can place an order without prior registration. After sending such an order, we will automatically create a user account for you based on the data you provided in the order form. We will then send the login details for this newly created user account to your e-mail address.

How to sign in?

Click the Sign In button at the top right of the page. A login dialogue will appear, where you will fill in your login e-mail and password. After logging in, you can access your user account using the My Account button. Here you can change your data and login password at any time, you can monitor the history of your orders, etc.

Get 20% off on all the goods

Do you want to become a member of our ZEZULA Club loyalty program and get a discount of up to 20% on all purchases and a number of other benefits? Then here's how!

Choosing the goods

Choose a product, click on the name or photo of the product and detailed information about the product will be displayed (price, discount, available sizes and product description).

Choose the size

The product description contains all the information about the purpose of the product, the materials used and the technologies.

Select the required size from the sizes menu in the drop-down list above the product description.

To add goods to the cart, click the Add to Cart button. This will put the goods in the cart without any obligations, and you can then select it at any time without paying for it. Then you can continue with the shopping or go straight to the order.


During the purchase, you will see how many pieces of goods are there in your cart as well as the total amount on the top right of the page. If you have already chosen the goods and want to complete the purchase, enter the cart using the link Show cart (on the top right of the page).

Cart contents

The cart clearly displays a list of all the goods you have added to the cart so far and the total price for the goods. The amount for postage will be added to this price later, depending on the method and place of delivery.

You can adjust your order - change the number of pieces for any item, or remove the entire item from the cart.

Check your cart contents and click on the Continue button.

Payment and delivery

Here, select the payment method (cash on delivery or credit card), place and type of delivery.

Information about you

In the third step, fill in your personal data necessary for the delivery of the ordered goods.

If you are a registered and logged in user, your data will be loaded into the form automatically. If you are a registered user, but you have not logged in until this step, you can log in now - fill in your e-mail and password. Your data required for delivery will be filled in automatically.

With any purchase, you get the opportunity to take advantage of discounts and benefits of our ZEZULA Club loyalty program.

If you want to apply for an ISIC card discount (or any other cards), fill in the card number (card) in the appropriate field and upload a scanned photo of the card (card).

Check the information in the form and send the order.

Order summary

Here you can find a clear summary of your order. The total price now includes the price of the goods and the price of the postage.

Payment by card

If you have chosen to pay by card, after clicking on the Send order button, you will be redirected to the payment gateway, where you will fill in your credit card details and complete the payment. How to proceed with payment by card?

Order confirmation

After sending the order, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail, which contains information about the successful receipt and the detailed information about the ordered goods, including prices.

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