Customer Loyalty Program ZEZULA Club

ZEZULA Club is a new loyalty program for customers of the SNOWBOARD ZEZULA store. Each customer who registers automatically becomes a member of ZEZULA Club and can buy goods cheaper as well as enjoy exclusive club benefits:

  • discounts up to 20% off on non-discounted goods at the online store and at the stone shop
  • cheaper shipping fees
  • lower limits on free shipping
  • priority processing of the order
  • special discounts on already discounted goods

In addition to the club benefits that you can use on purchases in our online store as well as store in Brno, you can also take advantage of other bonuses and discounts at our partnersTake a look at the overview of the ZEZULA Club partners.

How to transfer points from the Loyalty Card to your ZEZULA Club account?

If you have our loyalty card from the previous period and do not want to lose your points, you do not have to worry. We have already automatically transferred points of the registered customers who had their loyalty cards associated with their customer accounts. Customers who have received a loyalty card at the store and have no account associated with it must sign up by 31 December 2020 at the latest. The registration form also includes a field for entering the card number and the barcode. The customer card points will then be transferred to the newly created account within 24 hours. Moreover, you will no longer present yourself with your loyalty card at the store, you will only report your name and surname. 

How to become a member of the ZEZULA Club?

You automatically qualify for ZEZULA Club membership by registering during your purchase. Registration is not conditional to purchase only, you can also register here. We will create an account in which you will see an overview of your orders, points earned for purchases and the corresponding discount on goods.

Membership in the club is voluntary, is not binding to anything, and you can withdraw from it at any time (in My Account > ZEZULA Club).

Registration at the Brno store

You can also register in our SNOWBOARD ZEZULA store in Brno. All you have to do is tell our sales staff your name, surname, and e-mail. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail at the e-mail address. You will be asked to click through this and choose a password to log in to your online account, and you're done!

Adding points

For each purchase, we will add to your account the number of points parallel to the amount of money spent (1 Kč = 1 point --> 1 € is about 25 points). The more points you earn, the greater the discount on your purchases with us. You can thus get up to 20% off!

The amount of points on your account Discount
1 - 5 000 points 8% off
5 001 - 10 000 points 10% off
10 001 - 15 000 points 12% off
15 001 - 20 000 points 14% off
20 001 - 25 000 points 16% off
25 001 - 30 000 points 18% off
30 001 and more 20% off

The amount of points we add to your account is equal to the price of the goods and services you actually pay, i.e. the price after all the discounts have been included. You will get points to your account on your first purchase already. Your point account will be updated within 24 hours of your last purchase.

On your purchase, you will get a discount that corresponds to overal amount of points earned over the past three years (1 095 calendar days). Points earned more than three years ago are automatically deleted.

You will receive no points on your customer account for purchases of goods returned within 14 days.

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Goods discounts policy

  • discounts can only be applied to non discounted goods, rental, and services
  • discounts don't refer to snowboard sets, goods on sale and vouchers
  • discounts don't sum up and can not be applied retroactively
  • discounts can not be applied to Ortovox Ava Bags and Avalanche sets, and to Santa Cruz and Rocky Mountain goods
  • changes in the discount system reserved

Detailed terms and conditions of the ZEZULA Club loyalty program

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