Terms and Conditions of the ZEZULA Club Loyalty Program

ZEZULA Club (hereinafter referred to as “ZEZULA Club” or “loyalty program” or “program”) was established as a loyalty program for customers of SNOWBOARD ZEZULA. We are a limited company registered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Brno, Czech republic. Our registered company number is 26947439, and our registered office is at Palackého třída 170, 612 00. The purpose of this program is to offer customers of SNOWBOARD ZEZULA benefits for regular shopping at the store in Brno or at an online store. Customers can only become members of the club on their own free will, which is confirmed by successful registration in the loyalty program.

I. Participation in the program

I.I The subject of the loyalty program is to provide discounts to customers based on a simple algorithm which provides discounts by reaching a certain amount of purchase. Participation in ZEZULA Club is registered electronically. Membership in the ZEZULA Club is not conditional on monitoring and evaluating the purchasing behavior of customers or sending promotional messages.

I.II Any natural person older than 13 years of age and having a minimum legal capacity who voluntarily registers to the loyalty program at the online store may become a member of the ZEZULA Club.

I.III By signing up for the ZEZULA Club loyalty program, you automatically agree to the ZEZULA Club terms and conditions and grant us permission to process your personal data. SNOWBOARD ZEZULA undertakes to use this data only for the purpose of running the ZEZULA Club program and not to give them to a third party.

I.IV When registering, the customer is obliged to provide their true personal data.

I.V Collecting of points and the use of discounts and benefits apply both to the store in Brno and the SNOWBOARD ZEZULA online store.

II. Adding points to your account

II.I Members of the ZEZULA Club loyalty program can earn loyalty points with each purchase both at the Brno store and the online store. When they reach a certain amount of points, they get a discount on goods or offers. The more points the customers earn, the higher the discounts and better the benefits they might enjoy.

II.II For each purchase in SNOWBOARD ZEZULA, we will add to your account the number of points parallel to the amount of money spent (1 Kč = 1 point --> 1 € is about 25 points). The more points you earn, the greater the discount on your purchases with us. This gives you the opportunity to get up to 20% off of a single purchase.

II.III The amount of points on your ZEZULA Club loyalty account will usually be updated within 24 hours of your last purchase.

II.IV You can find the current amount of your points in the overview after logging in to your ZEZULA Club account on the SNOWBOARD ZEZULA website.

II.V The collected points are valid for 3 years (1 095 calendar days). Their validity starts on the day of their adding to the account. It means you can get a discount corresponding to the sum of all points earned over the past 3 years (see the table for details). Points earned more than 3 years ago will automatically be deleted from the account.

II.VI More than one natural person may order and purchase goods using one ZEZULA Club loyalty account.

II.VII The value of the goods, including VAT and shipping costs, is included in the order value, and therefore in the amount of points we credit you.

II.VIII Purchases of goods returned within 14 days cannot be counted to the loyalty account. In case of a claim, you will keep the points received for your purchase.

III. Applying the discounts in the ZEZULA Club

III.I Discounts can only be applied to non-discounted goods and to rental and repair services.

III.II Discounts do not apply to already discounted sets or goods, goods on sale, special offers and gift vouchers.

III.III Discounts are not cumulative and cannot be applied retrospectively.

III.IV Discounts are not applicable to Ortovox avalanche backpacks, activation units and avalanche rescue kits.

III.V SNOWBOARD ZEZULA reserves the right to change these terms and conditions by changing them on SNOWBOARD-ZEZULA.com

IV. Termination of membership in the ZEZULA Club

Your membership in the ZEZULA Club loyalty program may be terminated for the following reasons:

IV.I You have chosen to voluntarily terminate your membership.

IV.II You violated the ZEZULA Club membership policy in any way.

IV.III You do not wish us to work with your personal data.

IV.IV You have not made any purchases at SNOWBOARD ZEZULA online store in the last three years.

IV.V In the termination of the ZEZULA Club loyalty account you lose the possibility of using loyalty discounts and an up-to-date overview of new arrivals and planned events.

IV.VI After the termination of the loyalty account, it will no longer be possible to recover it or the points accumulated on it during the period of your membership.

V. Change of terms and conditions

V.I SNOWBOARD ZEZULA reserves the right to change these terms and conditions or cancel the ZEZULA Club loyalty program. All members of the ZEZULA Club will be informed about these changes in advance, at least one month before such an occurrence.

V.II The above described terms of membership in the ZEZULA Club loyalty program are valid since 12 August 2019.

VII. ISIC discount and the ZEZULA Club

VII.I If you have an ISIC, ITIC, or Alive (IYTC) card, you have the opportunity to use 10% off on goods when shopping in the online store and in the store in Brno. You will be prompted to enter your ISIC card number during your order.

VII.II ISIC card discount can be used only when buying non-discounted goods.

VII.III The discount is not cumulative with other discounts, i.e. not with the loyalty account discount.

VII.IV We recommend using the ISIC, ITIC or Alive card and applying discounts granted by them until you earn enough points on the ZEZULA Club account and achieve discounts of more than 10% off on a single purchase.

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