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Loyalty Card

Our loyalty program alows you to achieve up to 20 % purchase discount on our online store as well as at our shop in Brno. Earn points for shopping at your Loyalty Card and get great discounts, cheaper shipping anf other advantages!

How can you obtain the Loyalty Card?

You obtain your own Loyalty Card after your first purchase in our online store as well as at our shop in Brno. For each purchase you will receive points in the amount of money you have spent (1 Kč = 1 point).* The more points you collect the higher discount you get. You can get discounts up to 20 % on new goods!

The Loyalty Card is for free and you will not be obligated in any way.

* 1 Kč is about 0,04 €

Total number of pointsDiscounts
0 - 4.999 points 10 %
5.000 - 9.999 points 11 %
10.000 - 14.999 points 12 %
15.000 - 19.999 points 13 %
20.000 - 24.999 points 14 %
25.000 - 29.999 points 16 %
30.000 - 34.999 points 18 %
35.000 points and more 20 %

Adding points

The amount of points  added to your card  is equal to the price spent for the goods and services you have paid for (which means the price after the discount). You earn points at your first purchase already!

We provide discounts that correspond to the amount of  points that have been  gained in the past 730 days. Points gained more than 730 days ago will be reseted automatically.

Advantages for Loyalty Card holders

  • discounts up to 20 % on your purchases on the online store and at our shop in Brno
  • Snowboard Zezula services discount (rental and service)
  • favourable shipping cost when buing on the online store
  • extra discount +3 % on goods on sale, special offers and snowboard sets (wakeboard sets)

Goods discounts policy

  • discounts can only be applied on non discounted goods, rental and services
  • discounts don't refer to snowboard sets, goods on sale and vouchers
  • discounts don't sum up and can not be applied retroactively
  • discounts can not be applied on products of GoPro, SP, Xsories, Epic Mounts, SanDisk a ABS
  • changes in the discount system reserved


Do not miss the opportunity to buy cheaply!