Terms and Conditions valid from February 1, 2020

The present Business Terms and Conditions shall apply to purchases via the e-shop operated by SNOWBOARD ZEZULA s.r.o. and available on the website: https://www.snowboard-zezula.com (hereinafter only as “web interface”).

The present Business Terms and Conditions define and specify in details rights and obligations of the Seller which is the company SNOWBOARD ZEZULA s.r.o., with registered office Palackého třída 170, 612 00 Brno, Company ID: 26947439, incorporated in the Company Register, Section C, Insert 47606, with the Regional Court in Brno (hereinafter only as “seller”) and the Buyer (hereinafter only as “buyer”) which is a customer of the above mentioned e-shop.

The applicable legislation differentiates between a buyer who is a consumer and a buyer who is not a consumer. Consumer is any individual who enters into a contract or otherwise negotiates with a commercial operator outside his/her business activities or outside performance of his/her profession (hereinafter only as “consumer”). Unless otherwise stated, the provisions of these Business Terms and Conditions applicable to the buyer shall also apply to the buyers who are consumers. Unless otherwise stated herein, the provisions of these Business Terms and Conditions applicable to the consumer shall apply only to buyers who are consumers.

For the avoidance of any doubts, the rights reserved herein only for consumers, including but not limited to the rights related to liability for defects pursuant to Art. 6 hereof and the consumer's right to withdraw from the contract pursuant to Art. 7 hereof shall not apply to individuals who do not enter into the purchase contract in the position of the consumer.

The purchase contract, as well as other relationships between the seller and the buyer, shall be governed by the law of the Czech Republic.

The Business Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the purchase contract. 

1. Prices

The prices shown in the web interface with goods are including value added tax and all other taxes. The prices of goods shall remain valid during the time period when they are displayed in the web interface.

2. Web Interface

All and any presentations of goods posted in the web interface are only indicative and the seller is not obliged to conclude a purchase contract regarding such goods. All and any presentations of goods posted in the web interface are stated with the reservation "until stocks are exhausted" or until the seller loses its ability to supply.

3. Conclusion of Purchase Contract

When ordering goods, the Buyer shall fill in an order form in the web interface (hereinafter only as “order”). Before sending the order to the seller, the buyer has the possibility to check and change data filled in the order.

By sending the order the buyer makes his proposal for entering into a purchase contract. Immediately after the receipt of the order the seller shall confirm such receipt to the buyer by electronic mail to the email address stated by the buyer in the order form. The purchase contract between the seller and the buyer shall be considered concluded upon delivery of the order confirmation (acceptance).

By concluding the purchase contract the buyer acknowledges that s/he has been familiarised with the present Business Terms and Conditions and agrees with them. The buyer has been adequately notified of the present Business Terms and Conditions prior to sending the order and has been offered an opportunity to read them carefully. The buyer has the right to store and print the present Business Terms and Conditions in their valid version.

The buyer agrees with the use of remote communication means for the process of entering into the purchase contract. All and any costs incurred by the buyer in relation to the use of the remote communication means in connection with entering into the purchase contract (costs of Internet connection, costs of phone calls) shall be paid by the buyer.

The seller reserves the right to cancel the order or any part thereof before the purchase contract is concluded in the following cases: the goods are no longer produced or supplied or the price of the goods supplier has changed substantially or an error occurred in the warehouse management or any errors that affect prices, such as setting of a disproportionately low price. If the buyer has paid the purchase price, whether in part or in full, the paid amount shall be remitted to his/her bank account or address and the purchase contract shall be not concluded.

Depending on the character of the goods (namely larger quantity of goods, higher purchase price, higher costs of supply of goods etc.), the seller has the right, but not the obligation, to ask the buyer to additionally confirm the order before accepting the order. If the buyer fails to confirm the order, the seller has the right to withdraw from further negotiations about the purchase contract, such action not being regarded as an unfair conduct.

The contract is concluded for a definite period of time until the fulfilment of the agreed obligations.

4. Payment Terms

If the price is paid in cash or cash-on-delivery, the purchase price is payable upon the acceptance of goods. If the price is paid via a cashless payment system or by a bank card, the purchase price is payable without undue delay after the order is send. The seller is not obliged to send the goods before it receives the payment.

5. Delivery and Handover of Goods

The web interface contains information about the methods of delivery of goods and on the costs related to packaging, transport and delivery of goods (including postal and other costs and fees). The information about costs related to packaging and delivery of goods stated in the web interface for deliveries within the Czech Republic shall apply only when the goods are delivered within the territory of the Czech Republic. The web interface may also contain information related to packaging and delivery of goods to other countries.

If the method of transportation has been agreed on the basis of the buyer's special request, the buyer shall bear the risks and other costs, if any, related to such method of transportation. Should the seller be obliged under the purchase contract to deliver the goods to the place designated by the buyer in the order, the buyer shall be obliged to takeover the goods upon delivery. If the goods must be delivered for the reasons on the buyer's part repeatedly or in the manner other than stated in the order, the buyer is obliged to pay the costs related to the repeated delivery of goods, or the costs related to such other method of delivery.

When taking over the goods from a carrier, the buyer is obliged to check the integrity of packaging of goods and notify the carrier immediately if any faults are established. If the packaging of goods is disrupted which fact suggests an unauthorised intrusion into the consignment, the buyer shall not be obliged to take over the goods from the carrier.

6. Rights Arising from Defective Performance

If the buyer is not a consumer, the following provisions hereof regarding the rights arising from defective performance shall not apply.

The rights and obligations of the contracting parties regarding rights arising from defective performance shall be governed by the applicable generally binding legal regulations.

The seller is liable to a buyer for a defect-free condition of goods upon takeover. The seller is in particular liable to ensure that at the time the buyer takes over the goods:

  • the goods have the properties as agreed by the parties and in the absence of such agreement, the goods have such properties which the seller or the manufacturer described or the buyer expected with respect to the nature of the goods and on the basis of the advertisement made by them,
  • the goods are fit for the purpose described by the seller or for which such kind of goods are normally used,
  • the goods are corresponding by their quality or workmanship to the agreed sample or model, if the quality or the workmanship have been determined according to the agreed sample or model,
  • the goods are in the corresponding quantity, dimensions or weight and
  • the goods comply with the requirements of legal regulations.

Should the defect appear in the course of six months from the takeover thereof, the goods shall be considered defective upon takeover.

The buyer has the right to claim rights arising out of a defect occurred with the consumer goods within twenty-four months from the takeover thereof. Should any longer warranty period or time period during which the object can be used (expiry date) be stated on the goods or the packaging, in the manual attached to the goods or in the advertisement. This time period shall apply to the determine of the warranty period. The previous two sentences shall not apply to the goods sold for a lower price due to the defect for which such lower price has been agreed, to the wear and tear of goods caused by normal use, for the used goods to the defect corresponding to the level of use or wear and tear which the goods had had at the time of takeover by the buyer or if the nature of the goods implies so.

The buyer asserts the rights arising from defective performance with the seller at the address of the seller's business premises, or in the seller's registered office or place of business, each time with a proof of the purchase contract (a receipt or an invoice). The buyer may also assert the rights arising from defective performance so that s/he sends the claimed goods along with the description of the claimed defect and the proof of the purchase contract to the seller by mail to the address SNOWBOARD ZEZULA s.r.o., Palackého třída 170, 612 00 Brno. The seller is obliged to issue a written confirmation to the consumer on his / her request of obligations arising from defective performance to the extent stipulated by law.

The time period for attending the claims shall be suspended if the seller has not received all parts of the goods (e.g. for claims regarding to footwear the buyer is obliged to handover to the seller the whole pair, only one shoe is not enough) or the documents necessary for attending the claim. The seller is obliged to request the buyer to supplement the parts of the goods or the documents without undue delay. The time period is suspended until the requested objects or documents are supplemented by the buyer.

The seller may reject to accept the goods for the complaint procedure if the goods and/or any parts thereof are wet, dirty or fail to comply with the elementary requirements for hygienically safe handover of goods for the complaint procedure. The buyer shall not be entitled to claim the defects if s/he has known about the defect prior to the acceptance of the goods or if the buyer has caused the defect himself.

Other rights and obligations of the contracting parties related to the seller's product liability may be regulated in the seller's complaint rules which form an integral part hereof and are posted at the website: https://www.snowboard-zezula.com/warranties-claims.

If the buyer has the right to the replacement or to return the goods, s/he should follow the instructions on the website: https://www.snowboard-zezula.com/returns.

7. Right of the Consumer to Withdraw

Save for the cases when the withdrawal from the purchase contract is not a statutory right under applicable law, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within fourteen (14) days from the takeover of goods. If several types of goods are the subject of the purchase contract or if several parts are delivered, this time period shall run from the day of takeover of the last supply of the goods. The notice of withdrawal from the purchase contract must be sent to the seller within the time period stated in the previous sentence. The consumer may use for withdrawal from the purchase contract a sample form provided by the seller. The consumer may send the notice of withdrawal, inter alia, to the address of the seller's place of business or the seller's email address stated in the web interface.

The right to withdraw does not exist or lapses, as the case may be, in the case of contracts regarding:

  • the delivery of goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygienic reasons if unsealed by you after delivery;
  • the supply of goods made to customer specifications or clearly customized to personal needs;
  • the supply of goods which may deteriorate or expire rapidly;
  • other cases as stipulated by applicable law.

In case of withdrawal, the consumer shall borne the costs related to the return of goods, even if the goods cannot be returned due to their character in a normal way by the post.

However, the consumer's right of withdrawal from the contract cannot be understood as a possibility of a free loan of goods. If the consumer makes use of the right to withdraw from the purchase contract, s/he shall be obliged to return to the seller all what s/he has obtained under the purchase contract. The consumer shall be liable to the seller only for the decrease of the value of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods in a manner other than necessary in view of their nature and characteristics, unless stipulated otherwise by applicable law. Should it be not possible for the consumer to return all what s/he has obtained under the purchase contract (e.g. the goods have been meanwhile destroyed or consumed), s/he shall reimburse the seller (as a counter-value) for any objects that cannot be returned. The seller has the right to offset its claim for such reimbursement against the returned purchase price. In such case the seller returns to the consumer only such reduced purchase price.

If the buyer is entitled to claim repayment of the purchase price, the seller has the right to offset against the purchase price which is to be repaid to the buyer all actually expended costs related to the return of the goods.

8. Other Provisions

No consumer's rights can be asserted with respect to gifts that have been provided to the buyer for free. The provision of such gifts is a donation. If the buyer withdraws from the purchase contract, the buyer is obliged to return to the seller all accepted gifts provided in connection with concluding the purchase contract which the buyer has withdrawn from. Similarly, the buyer is obliged to also return the gifts to the seller, if the purchased goods have been replaced or returned. The provided gifts must be returned in original conditions and at the same time the buyer is liable to the seller for any reduction in their value and agrees to provide a reasonable monetary compensation for them.

The buyer acquires the title to the goods upon payment of the whole purchase price of the goods, providing that the goods had been handed over to him/her before the purchase price was paid in full.

9. Privacy Policy

I. Basic statement

1. The Personal Data Controller referred to in Article 4 (7) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data ("GDPR") is SNOWBOARD ZEZULA s.r.o., ID 26947439, with registered office at Palackého třída 3772/170, 612 00 Brno (hereinafter referred to as the "Data Controller").

Data Controller contacts are:

Address: SNOWBOARD ZEZULA s.r.o., Palackého třída 3772/170, 612 00 Brno

Email: info@snowboard-zezula.com

Telephone Number: +420 516 777 011

2. Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ("data subject"); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

3. The Data Controller did not appoint a Data Protection Officer.

II. Sources and categories of processed personal data

  1. The Data Controller handles the personal data you have provided to him/her or the personal data that the Controller has received on the basis of your order.
  2. The Data Controller handles your identification, contact information and data necessary for the performance of the contract, including the electronic cookie file.
  3. If you have subscribed to our newsletter, then the Controller handles your email address and the date of subscription to send the commercial emails ralted to the goods offered in the online store www.snowboard-zezula.com.

III. Legitimate reason and purpose of processing personal data

1. The legitimate reason for the processing of personal data is

- performance of the contract between you and the Controller under Article 6 (1) b) GDPR,

- the legitimate interest of the Controller in providing direct marketing (in particular for sending commercial messages and newsletters) in accordance with Article 6 (1) f) GDPR,

- the legitimate interest of the Controller in communicating with the potential customer / visitor of the site after completing the contact form

2. The purpose of processing personal data is

- arranging your order and exercising the rights and obligations arising from the contractual relationship between you and the Data Controller; personal data necessary for the successful execution of the order (name and address, contact), personal data provision is a necessary requirement for the conclusion and performance of the contract, without providing personal data it is not possible to conclude the contract or to fulfill it by the Data Controller

- sending business newsletter according Article 4 (1) and Article 7 GDPR,

- statistical and analytical processing of attendance.

3. No automatic decision-making within the meaning of Article 22 of the GDPR is made by the Data Controller.

IV. Data retention time

1. The Data Controller keeps personal data

- for the period necessary to exercise the rights and obligations arising out of the contractual relationship between you and the trustee and the enforcement of the claims under these contractual relationships (for a period of 10 years from the termination of the contractual relationship),

- until consent to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes is revoked, for a maximum of 10 years if personal data are processed under consent.

2. At the end of the retention period, the administrator will erase personal data.

V. Recipients of personal data

1. The recipients of personal data are persons

-contributing to the delivery of goods / services / making payments on the basis of a contract,

-providing online store services and other services related to the operation of the online store,

-providing marketing services.

2. The Data Controler intends to transfer personal data to non-EU countries) or an international organization. The recipients of personal data in third countries are providers of mailing services / cloud services.

3. In addition to the above personal data, the buyer's above agreement also applies to the data generated when browsing the web interface pages generated by the Google Analytics analytics tool with the remarketing data store extension. We save these remarketing data for 365 days. We also use Adroll for remarketing in addition to the GDN. With these online tools, we do not collect your personal data, such as name, address, e-mail, or phone. You can delete the remarketing ad target after deleting the cookies in your browser. To exclude Adrol you can visit this page: www.networkadvertising.org/choices/.

VI. Your rights

1. Under the terms of the GDPR you have

- the right to access your personal data under Article 15 of the GDPR,

- the right to correct your personal data pursuant to Article 16 of the GDPR, or the restriction of processing under Article 18 GDPR,

- the right to delete personal data under Article 17 of the GDPR,

- the right to object to processing under Article 21 GDPR and

- the right to data portability pursuant to Article 20 GDPR,

- the right to withdraw consent to processing in writing or electronically to the address or email address of the Data Controller referred to in Article III of these Terms.

2. You also have the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Office (address: Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic) if you believe that your right to privacy has been violated.

VII. Privacy Policy

1. The Data Controller declares that he has taken all appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard personal data.

2. The Data Controller has taken technical measures to secure storage and personal data repositories in paper form, in particular security of physical documents, technical data warehousing, encryption, anti-virus programs, backups, and more.

3. The Data Controller declares that personal data are only accessible to persons authorized by him / her.

VIII. Final statement

1. By sending an order from the online order form, you acknowledge that you are familiar with the privacy policy and that you accept it in its entirety.

2. The Data Controller is entitled to change these privacy policy terms. A new version of the privacy policy will be published on your website, and will send you a new version of these terms and conditions to your e-mail address that you have provided to your Data Controller.

10. Customer Loyalty Program ZEZULA Club

ZEZULA Club (hereinafter referred to as “ZEZULA Club” or “loyalty program” or “program”) was established as a loyalty program for customers of SNOWBOARD ZEZULA. We are a limited company registered in the Commercial Register at the Regional Court in Brno, Czech republic. Our registered company number is 26947439, and our registered office is at Palackého třída 170, 612 00. The purpose of this program is to offer customers of SNOWBOARD ZEZULA benefits for regular shopping at the store in Brno or at an online store. Customers can only become members of the club on their own free will, which is confirmed by successful registration in the loyalty program.

I. Participation in the program

I.I The subject of the loyalty program is to provide discounts to customers based on a simple algorithm which provides discounts by reaching a certain amount of purchase. Participation in ZEZULA Club is registered electronically. Membership in the ZEZULA Club is not conditional on monitoring and evaluating the purchasing behavior of customers or sending promotional messages.

I.II Any natural person older than 13 years of age and having a minimum legal capacity who voluntarily registers to the loyalty program at the online store may become a member of the ZEZULA Club.

I.III By signing up for the ZEZULA Club loyalty program, you automatically agree to the ZEZULA Club terms and conditions and grant us permission to process your personal data. SNOWBOARD ZEZULA undertakes to use this data only for the purpose of running the ZEZULA Club program and not to give them to a third party.

I.IV When registering, the customer is obliged to provide their true personal data.

I.V Collecting of points and the use of discounts and benefits apply both to the store in Brno and the SNOWBOARD ZEZULA online store.

II. Adding points to your account

II.I Members of the ZEZULA Club loyalty program can earn loyalty points with each purchase both at the Brno store and the online store. When they reach a certain amount of points, they get a discount on goods or offers. The more points the customers earn, the higher the discounts and better the benefits they might enjoy.

II.II For each purchase in SNOWBOARD ZEZULA, we will add to your account the number of points parallel to the amount of money spent (1 Kč = 1 point --> 1 € is about 25 points). The more points you earn, the greater the discount on your purchases with us. This gives you the opportunity to get up to 20% off of a single purchase.

II.III The amount of points on your ZEZULA Club loyalty account will usually be updated within 24 hours of your last purchase.

II.IV You can find the current amount of your points in the overview after logging in to your ZEZULA Club account on the SNOWBOARD ZEZULA website.

II.V The collected points are valid for 3 years (1 095 calendar days). Their validity starts on the day of their adding to the account. It means you can get a discount corresponding to the sum of all points earned over the past 3 years (see the table for details). Points earned more than 3 years ago will automatically be deleted from the account.

II.VI More than one natural person may order and purchase goods using one ZEZULA Club loyalty account.

II.VII The value of the goods, including VAT and shipping costs, is included in the order value, and therefore in the amount of points we credit you.

II.VIII Purchases of goods returned within 14 days cannot be counted to the loyalty account. In case of a claim, you will keep the points received for your purchase.

III. Applying the discounts in the ZEZULA Club

III.I Discounts can only be applied to non-discounted goods and to rental and repair services.

III.II Discounts do not apply to already discounted sets or goods, goods on sale, special offers and gift vouchers.

III.III Discounts are not cumulative and cannot be applied retrospectively.

III.IV Discounts are not applicable to Ortovox avalanche backpacks, activation units and avalanche rescue kits.

III.V SNOWBOARD ZEZULA reserves the right to change these terms and conditions by changing them on SNOWBOARD-ZEZULA.com

IV. Termination of membership in the ZEZULA Club

Your membership in the ZEZULA Club loyalty program may be terminated for the following reasons:

IV.I You have chosen to voluntarily terminate your membership.

IV.II You violated the ZEZULA Club membership policy in any way.

IV.III You do not wish us to work with your personal data.

IV.IV You have not made any purchases at SNOWBOARD ZEZULA online store in the last three years.

IV.V In the termination of the ZEZULA Club loyalty account you lose the possibility of using loyalty discounts and an up-to-date overview of new arrivals and planned events.

IV.VI After the termination of the loyalty account, it will no longer be possible to recover it or the points accumulated on it during the period of your membership.

V. Change of terms and conditions

V.I SNOWBOARD ZEZULA reserves the right to change these terms and conditions or cancel the ZEZULA Club loyalty program. All members of the ZEZULA Club will be informed about these changes in advance, at least one month before such an occurrence.

V.II The above described terms of membership in the ZEZULA Club loyalty program are valid since 12 August 2019.

VII. ISIC discount and the ZEZULA Club

VII.I If you have an ISIC, ITIC, or Alive (IYTC) card, you have the opportunity to use 10% off on goods when shopping in the online store and in the store in Brno. You will be prompted to enter your ISIC card number during your order.

VII.II ISIC card discount can be used only when buying non-discounted goods.

VII.III The discount is not cumulative with other discounts, i.e. not with the loyalty account discount.

VII.IV We recommend using the ISIC, ITIC or Alive card and applying discounts granted by them until you earn enough points on the ZEZULA Club account and achieve discounts of more than 10% off on a single purchase.

11. Final Provisions

These Business Terms and Conditions shall apply in the version stated on the seller's website on the day the purchase contract is concluded.

The seller has the right to change or amend the Business Terms and Conditions, even their entire scope. In order to determine the content of the purchase contract, the Business Terms and Conditions in force and effect on the day the buyer has made a proposal for concluding the purchase contract shall apply.

The seller directs its activities primarily to Czech Republic. However, customers from different countries may order from this e-shop as well. You can find the shipment and delivery details on our website.

The contract can be concluded in English and/or Czech language or, if necessary, also in other languages. Business Terms and Conditions are accessible in Czech version on: https://www.snowboard-zezula.cz/vseobecne-podminky. 

The seller is not bound under any codes of conduct vis-a-vis the buyer.

The body competent to resolve extrajudicial consumer disputes arisen from the purchase contract is the Czech Trade Inspection, with registered office Štěpánská 567/15, 120 00 Praha 2: http://www.coi.cz. You may also use the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform (www.ec.europa.eu/odr).

The application of the United Nations Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is expressly excluded.

If the consumer, as a buyer, believes that his/her rights have been breached, s/he may address the seller with his/her complaint via the email address info@snowboard-zezula.com in the interest of extrajudicial solution of the issue. The Czech Trade Inspection Authority is a state supervisory body and they also attend consumer claims within the limits of their competences.

These Business Terms and Conditions can be viewed at https://www.snowboard-zezula.com/terms. You can also print or save this document by selecting the usual commands in your web browser. You can also download and archive this document.

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